Singapore, 1st July 2022, ZEXPRWIRE, SnapEx, the popular derivatives exchange, has launched its Premium Traders Program. 30 slots are available on the program, and as long as the trader has a social media account, they can apply. 

The initiative will let high-value traders gain access to a range of benefits to help them optimise their trading strategies and keep more money in their pocket, as well as help develop their social media footprint and provide connections to projects in the crypto space so they can get ahead of the game.

About Snap Ex

The SnapEx derivatives exchange allows traders to trade CFDs (contracts for difference) to make money on the movement of cryptocurrencies without taking custody of the underlying crypto assets. This type of trading appeals to day traders and those who focus on asset-price movements over and above investment in the currencies themselves.

SnapEx has launched its social trading (also known as copy trading) features, where users can ‘copy’ the trades of traders who they see as being successful. This is a mutually beneficial relationship for both the copier and copied trader, with the copier tapping into a successful trading strategy and the copied trader receiving a fee for having their strategy followed.

About the Premium Traders Program

SnapEx’s new program is targeted at successful, talented traders who wish to build an online following that copies their trades, thus reaping additional rewards on top of their trading strategy. It offers a host of benefits targeted at boosting the visibility of these traders – both on SnapEx’s platform and through other channels – as well as a string of associated bonuses. 

SnapEx has allocated funds to help promote the social media channels of its chosen traders. The traders will also be featured on the SnapEx exchange itself, so traders can find them easily. SnapEx will work with a professional marketing agency to help boost the channels of its premium traders.

SnapEx hopes this will lead to many people copying their Premium Trader’s strategies, earning those traders commission via profit-sharing from the trades of their followers.

Selected traders will also receive extra trading bonuses to help reduce capital drag on their activities. Similarly, deposit requirements on the copy trading account, the interest on capital borrowed from SnapEx, and more, will be reduced to incentivise their Premium Trader’s efforts.

SnapEx Ecosystem

Premium Trades will also be able to tap into SnapEx’s established ecosystem of 300,000 traders. Whether that be by gaining access to mentorship from SnapEx’s most successful users, or by collaborating with other Premium Traders in on- and offline get-togethers. SnapEx is clearly aiming to create a community of traders whose success (and failures) feed off one another. 

SnapEx has also committed to providing an account manager so that Premium Traders have bespoke access to the platform and 1-on-1 access to SnapEx’s team. Premium Traders will additionally early-doors access to SnapEx’s knowledge of crypto projects they are involved in, and benefit from SnapEx’s excellent connections in the world of crypto.

How to Apply For SnapEx’s Premium Trader Program

Applicants can apply for SnapEx’s Premium Trader program through this form. SnapEx will contact successful applicants by email. Anyone with a great trading strategy, a desire to be a trading influencer, a social media account, and a plan for how to grow their portfolio, should consider applying.

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