Veetrends, a Reputable Wholesale Apparel Store, Proudly Announces Its Apparel Customization Services, Including Screen Printing & Embroidery. 

Los Angeles, California, 16th June 2022, ZEXPRWIREVeetrends announces its apparel decoration services, an online apparel store that deals in wholesale apparel from esteemed brands. Veetrends has been in the apparel business for quite a long time now. For the same reason, this prestigious apparel store has extended its services to apparel customization. Previously, Veetrends have only been selling wholesale apparel from top brands like Gildan, A4, Next Level, Bella Canvas, Soffe, Sport Tek, Jerzees, Hanes, and many other brands. It means customers can also place bulk orders for apparel customization to Veetrends now, as well besides buying blank items.

The Marketing Director from Veetrends said: “We have extended our services after realizing the diverse needs of individuals and businesses for apparel customization. Alongside businesses, now individuals can also place orders for apparel customization at Veetrends to personalize their favorite clothes and accessories. Veetrends also have the best equipment and the team for screen printing and embroidering apparel. Whether customers need to print a company logo, icon, symbol, or emblem on blank t-shirts and polo shirts or embroider heavy articles of clothing, such as hoodies and jackets, Veetrends will accept bulk orders from customers to help them accomplish their goals.”

The Marketing Director of the company further said: “Screen-printing and embroidering apparel will also aid individuals & businesses in several ways. For example, businesses will be able to distinguish their brand identity from others in style with high-quality logo branded apparel. Similarly, they will be able to send important messages through custom branded apparel that Veetrends will customize for them, while using it in social awareness campaigns, charity events, and trade shows. In addition, individuals will be able to make a style statement or represent their local teams while wearing perfectly customized apparel, targeting their needs.”

Veetrends already has a large customer base in the USA due to the quality apparel it has been selling to customers since its establishment. Veetrends also extended its services to make customers make the most out of blank apparel they buy from it. Blank apparel can benefit buyers in various ways, and Veetrends also initiated as an online apparel store to help buyers exploit wholesale blank apparel at excellent discounts. You can buy blank apparel in a wide array of colors and perfect sizes, specifically from Veetrends. Moreover, Veetrends is offering its apparel customization services for headwear and bags as well, in addition to clothing articles. Now, you can place your order at Veetrends to customize a variety of items than only blank clothing articles.

Furthermore, you don’t also need to worry about the cost when you buy wholesale apparel in bulk from Veetrends. Veetrends offers excellent discounts on the items it sells. Thus, buying more items from this online apparel store for apparel customization will let you exploit shopping from Veetrends. Further, placing a bulk order for apparel customization, including screen printing and embroidery, will let you save more money.

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Veetrends is an online apparel store with an office located in Dr. Laguna Hills, California, in the United States. It deals in a wide range of wholesale clothing Style codes and accessories at excellent discounts, ranging from wholesale t-shirts to polo shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, pants, caps, visors, beanies, bags, and more. Moreover, it also offers screen printing and embroidery services to individuals and businesses that cater to their needs.

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