OnAndCo Joins R3 Venture Development Program

Maimi, US, 2nd Dec 2021, ZEXPRWIRE, OnAndCo, a seed stage Fintech start-up that innovates and digitizes the alternative investment sector and headquartered in London, joins enterprise technology and services firm, R3 Venture Development Program. Subsequent endorsement by the Hatchery – a startup incubator at one of the most prestigious universities in the world, University College London – is yet another milestone and validation point for both customers and investors.

OnAndCo was born as a result of an era of financial digitalization, following the Global Financial Crisis in 2008. Even though laws were imposed in order to avoid another financial catastrophe, mistrust in financial institutions was still common. In 2009 the popularity of the Bitcoin and blockchain saw a considerable gush and started a shift in the FinTech space that promoted transparency.

Later in 2015, Ethereum was launched, followed by smart contracts. These tools were put into place in order to help transactions be conducted without intervention from any intermediaries. At the same time, investors were increasingly interested in transparency and this led to the emergence of robotization and automated financial planning.

In response to the evident rise of demand for such fintech platforms and remote working during Covid, the OnAndCo team spared no effort working on the platform. They wanted to create a convenient, user friendly, and efficient digital alternative investment world: the go-to platform that fulfills all alternative investment professionals’ needs in one place.

Powered by Corda – R3’s enterprise blockchain platform – OnAndCo leverages blockchain technology to provide an end-to-end marketplace where investors and private companies can seamlessly collaborate anytime, anywhere removing intermediaries, streamlining the investment life cycle, and reducing costs, which allows OnAndCo to solve major pain points in the private sector, unlock broader access to alternative investments and drive growth.

While the secondary market evolves, investors will gain access to enter a multi-trillion-dollar market. They will, thus, have a great opportunity to maximize returns, diversify their portfolio, and achieve lower taxes. Alternative investments have, however, only been accessible to a very limited number of investors as fees are, thus far, significantly higher than those in the public market. Traditionally, alternative investments require extensive due diligence and an abundance of documentation as they are unfettered by the majority of regulatory bodies.

Moreover, illiquidity is a major problem for alternatives. That is because when investors invest in alternative investments, it usually requires their investment to be tied up for several years. And for most of the alternatives, there is no active secondary market. OnAndCo is building an effective peer-to-peer marketplace that offers the necessary Infrastructure and investor networks and this is where you come across multiple opportunities and solutions for this liquidity problem.

With a platform like OnAndCo, alternative investments are growing more popular as a means of diversification and sound portfolio management. According to the forecasts, alternative sector is expected to expand to $17 trillion by 2025. And it is OnAndCo that democratizes alternative investment.

The adoption of FinTech platforms like OnAndCo continues to grow and our everyday services leverage blockchain technology is improving, therefore, there are myriads of chances that we will see improved speed, transparency, and potential cost reduction prevailing in the financial markets. OnAndCo is, most certainly, the future of how investments in alternatives will be made in the times to come.

About the Founders

OnAndCo founders, Leila Hurstel and Gabriela Olaru, are two students at University College London. They are passionate, driven and want to achieve great things from building a modern sustainable Fintech platform, that allows better financial inclusion that play a role in inspiring young women so that they become strong, poised and resilient to pursue their dream careers in the technology sector.

About R3 Venture Development

R3 Venture Development program has helped many successful businesses build applications on Corda – known as CorDapps, Go-to-market. The program supports early-stage companies building on Corda with business development content, technical support, design workshops, and community events. More than 150 high-quality mentors, venture capital firms, and service providers contribute to the program globally.

Over the next several months, OnAndCo is planning to work on building and testing the platform. The team will be organizing and participating in multiple webinars over the next few months. They are truly committed to continue their hard work on building trust in their brand.

In an act of adulation and acknowledgment, the OnAndCo team expressed their satisfaction and the efficacy of R3’s Venture Development Program when giving these remarks, “The support we received from R3’s Venture Development Program and its mentors has been invaluable to the growth of our platform. We are eager to start working with all of the alternative investment professionals who expressed their interest in testing the platform and R3’s support has proven to be a great go-to-market accelerator given their experience, network, and support.”

To which R3 representative, David Vatchev, Global Head of Venture Development responded and demonstrated their commitment to work hand in gloves with OnAndCo, he said, “R3’s ecosystem is one of the largest in the world with more than 350 institutions and over 400 startups actively engaged in building on our technology platforms. It’s rapidly growing and our venture development program ensures startups derive the greatest value from this network to shorten their time-to-market and accelerate go-to-market strategy.”

“We are pleased to be working with OnAndCo and look forward to seeing them solve major issues for the private markets by leveraging Corda.”

About R3

R3 is the leading provider of enterprise multi-party application development platforms that enable direct, digital collaboration in regulated industries where trust is critical. R3 provides distributed ledger and confidential computing platforms, capabilities, and services for the development and scaling of multi-party applications and ecosystem solutions where trust is critical.

Learn more at www.r3.com and http://www.corda.net/.

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Published On: December 2, 2021