Onboard launches platform to make buying crypto as easy as shopping on Amazon

Dubai, UAE, 10th April 2022, ZEXPRWIRE, A turn-key solution for non-crypto savvy buyers, family members, and friends

Onboard today announced the launch of Onboard, a new payment processor for Crypto that takes all of the complexity out of buying crypto. It opens doors to make mainstream adoption that much easier. It offers a new way for non-crypto savvy users to buy any token with just a couple of clicks and a debit card (like Amazon for crypto). Companies who are looking to simplify their users’ website experience can use Onboard’s embedded service as a turn-key payment processing solution. Onboard aims to offer the best first experience with crypto. 

“I’m really excited by the product we are building, it fixes some big issues in crypto and means you don’t have to explain to anyone for the millionth time how to buy a project. They just buy it. We haven’t had to go out and flip a token in order to raise funds, promise the Earth then fail miserably like almost every other project out there. We put together an amazing team, who are working hard on building something awesome. No BS, just a good platform MVP (minimum-viable-product).” says Fraser Gordon, CEO at Onboard.

“Once we are out the gate it’s going to look like the following:

  • MVP launch
  • Client projects added to the system 
  • Token launch 
  • Additional features added over the next few months (not disclosed) 
  • iOS and Android native apps launched 
  • Off Ramp solution”

Features and benefits of Onboard include:

For the user:

  • Credit/Debit card & crypto wallet payment methods for crypto
  • No more swap sites, slippage, contact addresses, or hassle
  • Onboard governance token
  • Support in over 150 countries
  • Support for all major blockchains
  • Rigorous application process for every token listed (security for users)

For the companies & projects:

  • Opens up project to new customer-base
  • Smoother user web experience with HTML embedded software
  • Assistance setting up their KYC & contract audit
  • Publicity when their project is announced on Onboard
  • Refer to marketing and social media agencies to help generate hype

Onboard will be available starting Friday, April 1st. The fee to use the platform is starting at 0.25% of the transaction. For more information, visit our website at Onboardapp.me

About Onboard: Onboard’s core team has come from a blockchain-enabled AAA video game studio, Quantum Works. While working on the game, the company realized just how much simpler buying crypto would need to be for mainstream adoption. Onboard is poised for success – as they have spoken at AIBC Summit, have established many early partnerships, and have been able to leverage their audience from their associated company, Project Quantum. You can find more information defining the relationship between Onboard and Project Quantum at a blog post here:  https://link.medium.com/oNRDl20yQob

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Published On: April 10, 2022