OneTwoMany protocol, this startup is taking Web3 gaming to the next level. Introducing P2M gaming, now you can multiply your assets

New Delhi, India, 3rd September 2022, ZEXPRWIRE, Play2Multiply Gaming is a web3 gaming niche tossed by the OneTwoMany Protocol Team. Major +1 utility to all of your NFTs!

P2M gaming is a mode of gaming in which users stake their NFTs or any crypto asset to challenge other players in games and the winner gets the ownership of NFTs.

OTM provides an interface to securely stake NFTs on various blockchains that unlocks the possibility of P2M gaming along with finance and voting. The team is also developing a “Freenet” where people can enjoy and learn about web3 and P2M gaming without investing real money because they believe games are meant to be played for fun and skills development, primarily.

One of revenue models of OTM protocol is by renting NFTs staked by players, players can earn up to 80% from staked NFTs.

OneTwoMany Protocol is reportedly expected to support Ethereum, Polygon, and Solana by late 2022 or Early 2023. OTM Protocol is an open-source staking protocol that provides integration to existing blockchain dApps.

Yaseen Ammaar(Founder) and Amir Alam(Co-Founder), working to elevate blockchain lending use cases. With the OTM, the team is improving how people do gaming, banking, and voting on the blockchain.

“We are developing a gaming niche, not just a protocol” – Yaseen Ammaar

OTM-powered first P2M game GotBalls is expected to release by December 2022. GotBalls’ gameplay is very simple. Replicating worldwide loved marble game. Remember Level 4 of Squid games? 

Marbles are going to be the NFTs and you can play numerous games. The winner will take marble NFTs and can play further or sell on marketplaces.

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Published On: September 3, 2022