Yenft Brings a New Era for the NFT Market

Yenft aims to change and develop the NFT market with a set of advanced tools. 

Yerevan, Armenia, 2nd September 2022, ZEXPRWIRE, Yenft’s mission is to create a universal multi-chain platform that will become a single entry point for everyone who wants to join the Web3 world. It aims to address some of the critical issues that exist in Web3. In particular, Yenft will significantly reduce the time and cost required to develop, mint, and sell the NFT collection. 

The team aims to sell an NFT collection of 5,555 Bees on the Ethereum blockchain to raise money. The sale will help to fund the development of this new platform.

Yenft’s goal is to cover the entire lifecycle of NFTs – from creation to promotion. The main feature is a built-in graphics editor with an innovative component system to help users create multiple NFTs. The generation tool helps create up to 100,000 pieces of art depending on how many components users will create.
The marketing tools will cover all the aspects of NFT promotion, including the Twitter plugin, Discord bot, Mint page builder, and influencers list.

Access to Yenft will be provided to all membership holders and early users. In addition to unlimited access to Yenft, all users will have access to various exclusive NFT drops and other interactive activities. Memberships will be sold as a limited collection of NFTs on Opensea and Rarible marketplaces.

The utility of NFTs on the Yenft platform is enormous. NFT holders will have lifetime access to Yenft and will be able to participate in future public and private token sales. The more NFTs users hold, the more benefits they receive. Additionally, all NFT holders will have access to the Yenft Beta platform.

Here is a detailed list of the various NFT tiers mentioned above:

  • 1 NFT – Monthly access to Yenft
  • 2 NFTs – Bimonthly access to Yenft
  • 3 NFTs – Quarterly access to Yenft
  • 4 NFTs – Yearly access to Yenft
  • 5 NFTs – Lifetime access to Yenft
  • 6 NFTs – Lifetime access to Yenft and allocation for the future public token sale
  • 7 NFTs (or more) – Lifetime access to Yenft and allocation for the future private token sale.

About Yenft

Yenft is a platform that allows users to develop, mint, and promote NFT collections. Domain experts have created advanced tools within the platform to make NFT creation easier and more efficient.

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Published On: September 2, 2022