Bangkok, Thailand, 27th Oct 2021, ZEXPRWIREAgile Environment for Designers, Citizen Developer, Pro Developers, System Admin to create modernized digital platforms.

Benefit you can realize

  • Reduce team size and effort required to deliver innovation and automation
  • Deliver business outcome faster than traditional methods
  • Deliver single and consistent UX/UI across all channels and all constituents
  • Massively scale your Digital Platform with Cloud Native and Open API Architecture

The Platform Highlights

  • Flexible and Friendly UX/UI Development Platform and Tools for Web and Mobile Experience all in one place.
  • Process automation and Microservices to integrate seamlessly with partners and legacy systems.
  • Build on Cloud Native Architecture to provide interoperability and massive scalability
  • Comprehensive Security framework to support identity management, access control and cyber security.

Realized yourvisions in Days

Low code (Low code คือ) strategy allows anyone  to build a scalable and integrated platform in no time.

Mobile Ready

With Mobile First trend, ONEWEB can extend your business processes and applications to mobile workforce and executives without complicated 3rd party software required.

Instant APPS

Time to Delivery becomes a critical factor in today’s business applications. Businesses are changing at lightning speed and require an agile platform that can adapt to new requirements, rules, processes, etc.

What’s a Low-Code Platform?

Low Code changes the way you approach software projects. Instead of producing codes on your favorite framework and languages e.g., Spring, Angular, React, etc., you can design the outcomes you want and the logic behind them through visualization and modeling tools. Features like Authentication, Authorization, Security, Scalability, project back-ups, version control, etc., and the whole deployment cycle can be taken care of by the platform. Low-Code speeds up development times 3x and reduces effort 5x. With this approach, you can focus on business logic, UX/UI design, and advanced coding while leaving the low-level coding to the platform.

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