Bangkok, Thailand, 27th Oct 2021, ZEXPRWIREBelieve that many People who are already using the Internet via mobile network. You would know that if you want to get a good value promotion. must be moved to the mobile network So you will get a worthwhile promotion at an economical price. If anyone has experienced moving camps, they would know that. Moving the camp was quite difficult. Because it will take at least 2-3 days and may have to go out to do the service again, Pronet Hub will tell you how to choose a True Net Pro that is worth more than moving to the same number.

Move the same number

believe that if they could choose, they would definitely not want to move the camp. Especially people who need to use mobile phones every day. There are people in contact all the time. During the time of transferring the camp, you may miss a good opportunity and also cause you to travel to contact the service center as well. Although many people may have to tell, it doesn’t take long. but in fact When we send the code to inform the camp will be moved. We need to pay for all services left with the same camp first. Anyone who uses a monthly package will have to look carefully if the day we move the camp beyond the billing cycle of that month or not, otherwise the service fee of the day is too high or during the transfer of the camp will be outstanding. making the camp relocation unsuccessful. Some people have to manage to clear the service fee in the mall. Including during the transfer camp, there will be a 2-3 day signal suspension excluding weekends. because if someone contacts me during this period You may miss the opportunity. 

For anyone who doesn’t like the hassle of moving the same number of camps, but wants a True Internet promotion (โปรเน็ตทรู) or True Internet promotion doesn’t reduce the speed. at a great price This can be done easily as follows:

1. Check the current promotion.

Start by checking the promotion that you are using by pressing *935# and making a call. Then an SMS will be sent to inform you that the promotion you are using right now is a true internet that doesn’t reduce speed (เน็ตทรูไม่ลดสปีด). How many minutes can I call? For those who have the True iService application, they can go to check through that channel. There will be details of our basic usage that we have already used a lot of on the internet as well. In addition, they may check from the phone bill, it can also help to tell.

when checking the used pro If you find that using the internet or calling more than the promotion has It indicates that the additional cost will be calculated at a higher rate than the pro subscription. Therefore, you should look for new pros that are suitable for use. While if anyone checks and finds that we use less than the promotion a lot, for example, the promotion can call 1,000 minutes, but the real call is only 50 minutes / month or can use 10 GB of internet, but may use only 3 GB per month. If you can change the promotion, it will help you save more.

2. Search for initial promotions.

For anyone who knows that Pro Net True is not suitable for themselves. Maybe try searching for promotions by yourself initially. They may contact the call center to ask for a suitable pro. For anyone who is more convenient to search through the Internet, Pronet Hub is a collective site. Pro for a variety of networks for mobile phones Easy to apply for True Internet by yourself, just press the code and make a call(สมัครเน็ตทรู). Which will have many True internet pros to choose from, such as the popular True Pro net 1 Mbps unlimited, no speed reduction or no internet speed reduction, internet speed 4 Mbps/30 days 

3. Choose True Net Pro Like a Pro

When you can find various promotions, tips for choosing a worthwhile True Internet promotion. can be done easily Just apply for additional True Pro internet. For those who use the internet over May choose to be on a daily basis Weekly when internet runs out You don’t have to be charged for the internet. For those who do not use the internet fully, may choose to change the monthly to less and buy an additional promotion, take only the time that you want to use it, it will save the cost. For anyone who wants to use the Internet for a good value In the budget, you may choose Pro Zone True 12-month pay quite finish from a year it is 1,926 baht (including taxes) for the Pro Zone True , fixed Speedway speed of 1 Mbps to fall. Only 160.5 baht per month. For those who like the strength, there is a speed of 4 Mbps + unlimited calls in the network at a price of 3,852 baht (tax included), only 321 baht per month, very worthwhile.

Search for True Net Pro

Just 3 simple steps from Pronet Hub, we will get the most valuable True Internet promotion that can be called much more worthwhile than moving a camp. Plus, you don’t have to waste time moving to camp. It takes just 3 minutes to apply easily and get a great promotion.

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