Kamphaeng Phet, Thailand, 27th Oct 2021, ZEXPRWIRE, Tinypom would like to tell you how you need to know and prepare for a Pomeranian dog. It will bring you to know each type of Pomeranian dog. What kind of temperament do you have? What kind of place is suitable for taking care of Pomeranian dogs? Including food preparation and initial care to keep away from various diseases. Including how to choose the right farm to sell pom poms (ขายปอม)

1.Different face shapes

Usually There are two types of Pomeranians, the Bear Face Pom and the Fox Face Pom Pom. The differences between the two images are as follows:

  • fox face pom will have a wide and long muzzle The face is pointed. resembling a fox
  • The bear face pom pom(ปอมหน้าหมี) has a short, round muzzle that looks cute. The eyes are close together and not much above the muzzle. It is popular with many people.

In addition, different faces There is also a teacup pom pom that is a small pom the size of a glass of water. Another one that is equally popular. (You can read more about the Pom TeaCup(ปอมทีคัฟ) here.)

2.Pomeranians temperament

The personality of the Pomeranian(ปอมเมอเรเนี่ยน) that many people know is Pomeranians(หมาปอม) are very intelligent creatures. Can be trained to walk on two legs able to jump through hoops. Excretion is a place that does not lick the floor. If anyone has raised a Pomeranian dog from a young age, train them from a young age. In order to be able to practice more easily than when growing up Another well-known trait is that the Pomeranian is a dog that barks a lot. When they see anything they tend to bark easily.

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