PointPay – the First Blockchain Bank in the World with Bitcoin, Dollar Stablecoin and Tokenized Gold

Many specialized news agencies related to cryptocurrency are increasingly reporting on the work of the PointPay project. This startup gained wide popularity among the crypto community last autumn after winning the “Best Blockchain Startup 2019” nomination at Blockchain Life, the largest cryptoconference in Eastern Europe. It is noteworthy that PointPay managed to attract $2.5 million for the development of products from a private investor who wished to remain anonymous. Why is it worth taking a look at the project? Read the answers in this article.

PointPay is a cryptocurrency platform that combines four fully functional products:

  • The first in the world PointPay Crypto Bank, which provides the opportunity to open checking and savings accounts in Bitcoin, dollar stablecoin – Tether (USDT) and tokenized gold – Tether Gold (XAUT). All the users have an opportunity to earn daily compound interest in these cryptocurrencies. Moreover, the higher yields are given to the holders of PointPay tokens which can be bought at the PointPay Token Sale PointPay team is already developing mobile banking applications for iOS and Android operating systems. The lending module, which will become a functional superstructure of the blockchain bank, is under active development as well.
  • PointPay Crypto Exchange with a traditional set of market, limit and stop-limit orders, as well as a simplified cryptocurrency conversion option for newbies. Now everyone has an opportunity to use PointPay referral system and earn 50% from the system fee while user’s referrals are trading. Bright advertising banners help to invite new users to the system.
  • PointPay Crypto Wallet, where you can now store Bitcoin, Ethereum, PointPay (PXP) internal token, as well as track the dynamics of changes in your crypto portfolio. Soon, in the PointPay Crypto Wallet, it will be possible to store ERC-20 tokens, participate in token sales of promising projects through the crowdfunding module – Initial Wallet Offering (IWO) – and send anonymous transactions.
  • PointPay Payment System, which allows you to buy and sell cryptocurrencies for dollars, rubles and hryvnias using bank cards and popular electronic wallets.

It is noteworthy that all launched PointPay products operate in a single ecosystem. This means that it is enough for the user to sign up once to use all the other PointPay products, freely moving between the product tabs during the user session.

The implementation of PXP tokens is carried out through a token sale platform tied to the PointPay Cryptocurrency Wallet. When buying them for Bitcoin and Ethereum, the tokens are credited to the PointPay Wallet automatically. Due to this, there is no need to open separate wallets for their storage on sites owned by third parties.

The future is here!

Published On: April 1, 2020