Rank Up Onyx In Halo Infinite – Tips From Captain-Carry.com To Boost Your Game

New Castle, DE,, 8th Dec 2021, ZEXPRWIRE, With the Halo Infinite full release just around the corner (Dec 8th),Captain-Carry.com (previously D3Hell) decided to offer us tips and hints on how to maximize our chance at getting that Onyx rank every season. Most of us already experienced the brutal multiplayer ragefest that is more and more characteristic for the FPS genre, so for those already in the rank play meta, by all means read on. Although some of us are only here for the campaign and nostalgia ride reminiscent experience, if you have your eyes on that Onyx rank and looking for every way possible to best the competition we made a list on how to improve your chance at getting there.

Why Even Bother Getting Rank Onyx

As with most FPS games where there is ranked mode system, the higher you get, the better quality games, low rank elo hell is no fun for anyone. Even if you can can overlook the idle squatters, zero-communication comps or the spray’npray guy that is always throwing advise at everyone if you are really looking for that adrenaline rush and high pressure environment, Diamond & Onyx ranks is what you are after.

It’s All About Building The Right Team 

It is no wonder that most of the popular FPS streamers in Halo Infinite & other competitive games play with premade teams when tryharding that top 10 or higher lader position. The ingame matchmaking system does it’s job, up untill you get to Diamond division, however if you are really looking to Rank Up to Onyx, you will have to dedicate time & effort on building the right comp… manually.

So, How To Build The Right Team ?

Actually, there are numerous platforms that are dedicated for this very matter. Depending on how you want to spend your time searching for players, here are some ideas.

 – Scrape The Leaderboards

Obviously this is where the top global players are, and although easy to reach, there is no guarantee they will just take you up in their team, especially since this is a very closed circle of people. The top players in almost any fps game are well known to each other, and usually play with other known players, or simply rely on the ingame matchaking system when most of their friends are offline

 – Discord & Twitch 

Both are dedicated platforms for gamers and both can serve as a party finding tool. Some famous streamers are known to invite people from their followers list and join them in game, not only will you get a new gaming experience, but other people will also get to watch you perform. Get ready for judgemental eyes starring you down and the occasional “learn2play” & “getgut” tantrums.

Discord on the other hand is far more lenient towards new players, and there are usually 100k+ players in any official discord channel for most of the popular games, Halo Infinite included. You will spend some time building comps and getting the right players that suit your game chemistry, however these are not Top 100 Global Ladder players, most are usually here for the chat, and the occasional evening gaming session. If you are looking for a more lenient and less punishing team comps, Discord is probably your place to go.

Dedicated Boosting Websites 

Another option for players that dislike building comps on their own and spending hours experimenting with different groups, are dedicated boosting websites. Captain Carry basically combines Top  global leaderboard players, with the fast and easy comp building features of Discord channels. Not only you get to match with real Onyx ranked players, new players recently introduced to the Halo universe receive free tips and coaching on their first experience with the service.

How To Compare & Choose ?

It really depends on what are you after, Discord obviously offers free manual matchmaking  service – You will spend more time trying out different comps and players, as opposed to using a dedicated boosting website that will get you there faster, at a fee. In short, if you are for a more lenient, down to earth chill games, Discord is probably your place to go. If however you are looking to matchup with guaranteed Onyx players and experience real try hard environment Captain-Carry will get you there.

What’s The Guarantee You Get Onyx ?

Captain-Carry enjoys a flawless 5.0 Trustpilot score, so that should be enough assurance for the first time ventures. Most of the players offering their service in Halo Infinite can be found on the global leaderboards, stream on twitch or manage their own clans that participate in online tournaments. Halo Infinite is scheduled to release December 8th, so make sure you stock up on energy drinks & snacks and enjoy the nostalgia ride that is guaranteed to blast us all away :D

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Published On: December 8, 2021