Save Me – Nigel Calls Out to the Financial Search and Rescue Flight Crew

Nigel, who lives in London has been given the opportunity to acquire a property at a discount price. Lenders won’t lend Nigel the discounted sale price of £233,800.00 due to a minimal salary. Nigel is calling out to financial search and rescue people. Throw down the compassion ladder and airlift Nigel to financial freedom before the carnivorous beasts of the forest devour his flesh. 

London, England, November 17, 2022, ZEXPRWIRE, Nothing ventured, nothing gained, fortune favours the brave. And what about the hungry and desperate, do they have a chance too? Nigel says, ‘You need Wellington boots and butter to get you out of the gutter.’ Help! Help! Nigel needs your help with your compassion amplified, right-now right here at, 

Time is ticking away, Nigel breathes a deep sigh of relief for the funds he hopes to see. He is deep in a forest surrounded by all kinds of carnivorous beasts closing in to make him their next meal. There it is, the one and only flare shoots up into the air. The battery is flat, unable to make a connection anywhere. Water is short, lips losing moisture, yet his faith is amplified. 

Nigel received a £116,000.00 discount on a ‘preserved right to buy’ flat in London with a market value of £350,000.00. The sale price is £233,000.00 but lenders won’t lend him the money due to his minimal salary. The situation has turned into quicksand. Nigel needs £233,000.00 by the 15th December 2022 to make a timely stand. 

Nigel is enthusiastic about sowing into the land of the living. Right now he is at Gofundme to receive the funds he kindly asks of you to start giving, Remember the flowers, remember the trees, remember the oceans, and all the fish living in the sea. Give Nigel the funds he needs so he may look up to the night sky and appreciate what he sees. 

Nigel is making an appeal to people living in the real world. People who are in a position to kindly give the funds to help Nigel snap up the opportunity to survive and get on with life. If you are a kind hearted person and you think Nigel’s cause is just and true, then visit Nigel at Gofundme so he can give thanks to you, 

Media Contact:

Name: Nigel Thompson 


Email: [email protected]

Published On: November 17, 2022