Barcelona, Spain, 26 Jan. 2022, ZEXPRWIRE, SHIBA PLATINUM is an innovative, experimental, and community-based project, aiming to revolutionize the digital and real-world in every way. SHIBA PLATINUM was created to unite humans throughout the universe, ensure freedoms, spread love, fight hate and global inequality, directly changing the world through  the power of blockchain technology, all while making crypto truly fun. SHIBA is the 1st cryptocurrency to utilize direct action peer-to-peer charity and is the 1st cryptocurrency truly for ALL human beings.

SHIBA PLATINUM coin is based on Binance Smart Chain BSC(BEP20). This ecosystem is based upon LP Acquisition. LP Acquisition is advantageous in cryptocurrency as it generates rewards by holding the coin and generates passive income. SHIBA also provides multifunction for user their users like a secure platform for Ulta fast transactions and lower fees than other coins. SHIBA is an ECO- Friendly currency that does not want to damage the environment, so that’s why it disabled the mining and burning function, no one can mine and burn SHIBA.

Every transaction in the SHIBA PLATINUM protocol leads to the automated creation of liquidity within PancakeSwap LP. PancackSwap is a decentralized exchange running on Chain and has a lot of features such as yield farming, liquidity provider profit in liquidity token, etc. Its automated market maker (“AMM”) allows two  tokens to be exchanged on the Binance Smart Chain. SHIBA can be earned on it through yield farming and many upcoming events and pools This is advantageous for long-term participants and helps to keep the community informed and  rewarded.


We envision a world in which wealth-building technologies are made available to the general public, restoring people’s authority over our financial institutions. To encourage more people to participate in digital assets. The SHIBA Building is a safe and secure platform that can be used anywhere in the globe with no limits, allowing users to make a profit by holding while maintaining their privacy, security, and autonomy. We seek to create an ecosystem  using the SHIBA platform that is built on sound monetary rules and a decentralized foundation.


Binance Smart Chain (BSC) is a high-end blockchain infrastructure created by Binance, one of the world leaders in providing blockchain solutions. Binance Smart Chain was designed to fulfill the same purposes as Ethereum – the ability to launch tokens, smart contracts, and decentralized applications – but with much better efficiency. While the Ethereum network uses a token format called ERC-20, the BSC blockchain has its original, innovative token format: BEP-20. Tokens utilizing the BEP-20 format can be purchased, sold, and transferred with fees that can be 30- 100x lower compared to Ethereum fees. Not only the fees but also the transaction times of Binance Smart Chain are much lower than Ethereum’s. Overall, BSC is simply a much more effective solution than ETH. Since SHIBA token is an ecologically oriented project, choosing the more energy-efficient solution was the obvious choice to make.



On the Binance Smart Chain (BSC), SHIBA Coin is the next generation of the reflection token: the first Binance Pegged BUSD reflection token to optimize users’ profits both now and in the future.


SHIBA is one of the fastest- growing and most beloved communities in cryptocurrency. We believe that community is essential, and SHIBA tries to involve people from all around the world. We also offer specialized telegram channels for our foreign community.


Trust is critical in the bitcoin  industry. This entails complete openness in all aspects of community and development work, as well as security efforts. SHIBA has completed its security audit successfully.


SHIBA is here to stay. The decentralized community encourages and embraces long-term ecosystem and foundation development to generate genuine use cases and higher benefits than any ephemeral fad.


Every transaction is converted into liquidity for PancakeSwap. Pancakeswap fixes the low liquidity problems of DEXs through the liquidity Pool mechanism. A liquidity pool always contains a pair of tokens, which you can trade. Our Smart contract deposits from every buy/sell transaction as $SHIBA and $BNB into a liquidity pool.



SHIBA is fully decentralized and owned by its fun, vibrant community. We welcome and embrace diverse perspectives to build SHIBA into the best community in crypto. With a do-good mission of helping save dogs in need.


By using a unique set of smart contracts for Staking Pools, SHIBA will be able to move part of liquidity to the Partnered Tokens by purchasing them on specific contract interactions, thus increasing the value of the Partnered Tokens. Participants in the Pool then get tokens  in exchange for their contributions to the Pool. This idea provides the token with  its long-term value since it allows to  stake X tokens to gain Y tokens economically and mathematically sound 


SHIBA is a ground-breaking new system designed to revolutionize the Defi space. One of our missions is charitable giving. As a community-based token, one of its major goals during the launch is to give back something to the community through donations to charities and other reputable causes. The token will take the first steps in this direction with a generous donation to the community, in the  decentralized world we live in today some crypto communities are banned from trading and using cryptocurrencies, a lot of assets have been seized and lost due to this ban was placed in some communities.


Users may purchase and sell NFTs on the platform, including those obtained via the NFT Lending platform’s liquidated collateral. This creates an unusually competitive market for buying NFTs at a discount to their standard market value. Additionally, the marketplace features a minting tool that enables users to create their own NFTs using images, videos,  and other data.


SHIBA PLATINUM will provide an NFT market for this purpose where players can search for one or more specific in-game NFT. The market will provide all details about what an NFT can do in the game. Players buy the NFTs they want to use from the market to use in an upcoming game match. Buying these NFTs could be well worth using them in tournaments where  prize money can be won. Tournaments will be periodically organized by SHIBA PLATINUM but can be also organized by anyone in the world using  the SHIBA PLATINUM ecosystem. The NFTs can be bought by the SHIBA PLATINUM main token $SHIBA and stored in a Binance wallet indefinitely. They can be used anytime when a player plays a game and connect its wallet with the NFTs. SHIBA PLATINUM will also introduce a way to earn unique, one of kind NFT in-game utility by staking the SHIBA PLATINUM main  token $SHIBA. These staking rewards in the form of an NFT are random NFTs. SHIBA PLATINUM will introduce new games during its future or seek collaboration with existing game producers and games already on the market. For each type of game, SHIBA PLATINUM will introduce their own NFT sets on the NFT market and NFT rewards in case of staking. The NFT section will also be used for a traditional purpose like in-game art. SHIBA PLATINUM will sign up upcoming artists for this. These NFT will represent achieved in- game accomplishments and unique rare items found in-game. These NFTs and the NFTs earned by staking can also be sold on the SHIBA PLATINUM NFT market.


You will be able to purchase SHIBA coins with BNB. You are available to participate on both mobile devices and desktops. our strategy for the SHIBA coin is for it pegged to BNB and the exchange rate being 0.1 BNB per SHIBA. Embedded is  a  10% transaction that is  to fund the liquidity pool and pay for marketing expenses.


Create Trust Wallet. They are available on AppStore and Google Play. Make sure to save your private keys in a secure place


Purchase Binance Coin (BNB). It’s available on most exchanges, such as Binance and Trust Wallet. Once you purchase the desired amount, deposit it into your Trust Wallet. Make sure to enter the correct address and choose the correct network.


Go to Pancakeswap and connect your wallet, Click on Trade and then select Exchange. Paste SHIBA address: Import SHIBA and enter the desired Amount


Transparency & Immutability

When a SHIBA coin is used to record a token exchange on the blockchain, an audit trail is created to track where the tokens originated from. This can assist exchange-related firms not only enhance security and fraud prevention but also verify the validity of traded assets.

Lower Fees

SHIBA coin transaction fees are far cheaper than those charged by debit and credit cards payments. SHIBA coin is a secure and private cryptocurrency that allows an investor to keep their assets secret without jeopardizing their security

Transaction Traceability

SHIBA coin is far more secure than other record-keeping systems since each new transaction is encrypted and linked to the previous one. SHIBA coin is comprised of a complicated string of numbers that cannot be altered. Because of their unchanging and incorruptible character, SHIBA coin is safe against misleading information and hackers.

Ease of use

Ease of use is the reason why the SHIBA coin has more value. All you need is a smart device and an internet connection. Investors can easily earn rewards by holding the token.

Safe & Secure

SHIBA coin is a safe and secure platform that is continuously improving the security of the system to ensure the safety of the platform.


Token contract address


Token Creator


Shiba Platinum lock address 40%



Total Supply : 1,000,000,000 SHIBA

SHIBA PLATINUM TOKEN is a High rewarding yield farming token on Binance Smart Chain which is distributed on

Team Members 5%

After 5 years Burned supply 2%

Pre-sale 30%

Development/charity/marketing 5%

Locked 40%

Liquidity 25%


Media Contact

Company Name:-Shiba Platinum SL

Email:-[email protected]

Company Website:-