The biggest story of 2022: MVRS NFT’s.

Central, Israel, 26 Jan 2022, ZEXPRWIRE, 2021 was the first year that the NFT’s technology broke through into the mainstream, disrupting the art world and industries beyond it. Over the course of the past 12 months, the NFT scene has evolved rapidly.

From JPEGs to sports highlights to crypto creatures, NFTs dominated the headlines this year more than anything else in crypto.

This time last year, NFTs were niche. Now they’re a mainstream phenomenon. Over the span of 12 months, not only has the term permeated the broader culture and made digital asset ownership a more widely-known concept, but the industry has also surged to billions of dollars in monthly trades.

when we “zoom in” into the NFT scene, there is one project that is under the spotlight right now and this project specializes in the Metaverse arena, which is a very hot topic by itself right now. the name of this project is Meta MVRS, and in the market, people are referring to the NFT’s of this project as a “gold mine” and “blue chips” because they see it as the next big thing, both to buy and hold, in order to invest in it and to trade and flip it for a fast profit.

At the tokenomics of MVRS project, it is stated that their NFT department includes their very own team of artists.

The design of the NFT’s looks so cool, Colorful characters with lots of “life” in each one of them.

The NFT’s of this project will serve as a utility. The owner of the NFT will receive airdrops and giveaways of MVRS tokens, directly to his wallet, and, according to the whitepaper of the project, a Play2Earn Metaverse Game will be released on Q3 2022, with a demo version out early Q2 2022.

 The game will include the MVRS NFT’s, which will be either purchasable or won in metaverse games and the owner can play with his NFT character within the game. This sounds so good and promising.

In order to purchase these beautiful NFT’s, you need to apply for a White-List:

The MVRS NFT’s details:



Common – Floor Price 0.04 eth – Total of 500 Pieces

Rare – Floor Price 0.1 eth – Total of 300 Pieces

Epic – Floor Price 0.25 eth – Total of 150 Pieces

Legendary – Floor Price 0.9eth – Total of 50 Pieces

ULTRA – Floor Price 10 eth – Total of 1 Piece ONLY!

As it has been written in the body of this article, the NFT will serve as a utility, and here are the details of the holder’s benefit.

holder’s benefit:

  • Up To 5,000 $MVRS Daily Drop (Depends On Rarity, Collected Monthly).
  • Whitelisted For Metaverse Game Demo, Out Early Q2 2022.
  • FREE NFT On Metaverse Launch Q3 2022.
  • First Access To MVRS Social On Launch.
  • Exclusive Club On Telegram With Extra Rewards, Out February 2022.
  • The owner of the ONLY Ultra NFT will receive 5M MVRS Every Week.




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Published On: January 26, 2022