Shosha, New Zealand’s Leading Vape and Smoking Retailer, Celebrates a Decade of Providing Quality Products and Exceptional Customer Service

Auckland, New Zealand, 27th February 2023, ZEXPRWIRE, New Zealand’s largest retail group for Vape Gears, Heat Not Burn, Hookah and other smoking-related products, Shosha, is celebrating its tenth anniversary this year. Founded in 2011 with a small store on Hobson Street in Auckland, the business has grown to over 120 stores throughout New Zealand and one in Sydney, Australia.

At Shosha, their mission has always been to provide the best customer experience possible. Their knowledgeable and friendly customer service team is always ready to help guests find their needs. They also guarantee that all their products are 100% authentic; they are authorized retailers for every product they sell. 

Should any customers find a product different from the expected authenticity, Shosha will issue a full refund.


Shosha understands that safety is critical when vaping or using any other smoking-related products it offers. 

Therefore, the company takes great care in ensuring that its customers have access only to reputable brands and safe products. All items stocked by Shosha have undergone testing for quality assurance before going on sale. In addition, they are updated with new regulations and laws around vaping as they arise domestically and internationally.

The vape shop stocks an array of devices, from beginner e-cigarettes to advanced mods as well as a variety of tanks, coils, battery chargers, and accessories. For those looking to reduce or quit smoking altogether, there are nicotine-free alternatives available such as herbal cigarettes, which don’t contain any tobacco at all – just herbs such as Damiana Leaf or Wild Lettuce Leaf – making them a healthier choice for those wanting to cut down on nicotine entirely but still get the same satisfaction from smoking without the harsh chemicals found in conventional cigarettes.

Vape Shop

The company also sells Heat Not Burn (HNB) devices from leading brands like IQOS, which use a heating element rather than combustion – meaning no smoke is produced – just an aerosol with fewer harmful toxins than traditional cigarettes. 

In addition, HNB devices can heat tobacco leaves and herbal blends, providing an alternative option for smokers looking for an easier way to reduce their nicotine intake or quit altogether without giving up the ritualistic pleasure of smoking altogether.

Shosha also offers Hookah pipes alongside many different styles of shisha tobacco – these come in fruity flavors like strawberry or bubble gum – making them very popular amongst younger generations looking for something fun or trendy while still getting the same sensations provided by cigarettes but without having to smoke combustible cigarettes instead.

Final Thought 

For customers who need help finding out which device best suits their needs, Shosha provides expert advice from its highly trained staff, who can guide guests through different vaping options ranging from entry-level kits to more complex advanced mods allowing guests access only to premium quality products that have passed stringent quality control tests before going on sale ensuring maximum customer satisfaction with each purchase made from their stores around New Zealand and Australia alike.

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Published On: February 27, 2023