Six Lessons To Learn From “Audacity of an African Girl”

Did you get your copy of “The Audacity of an African Girl” by Khuraira Musa? Yes? Perfect!

Harrington Park, New Jersey, 5th April 2023, ZEXPRWIRE, We suggest you set up your reading chair and have a steaming cup of your favorite beverage ready. And now, get ready to delve into the inspirational and exemplary life story of Khuraira Musa, a Fulani woman who dreamt, attempted, and continues to conquer her goals- amidst a few hurdles here and there, of course!

Here are six of the most awe-inspiring lessons we can derive from this magnificent and aspiring novel:

  1. The author becomes a lighthouse for other orphans across the world. She grew up to become a fine and successful personality even though she grew up without her mother. And so, no one should stop hoping or working for a change simply because they don’t have the perfect family.
  2. The book is more than a narration of the personal life of Khuraira. Instead, it also creates awareness of diseases like Breast Cancer and Sickle Cell Anemia. The novel helps you learn how blessed you are to be alive without life-altering and chronic diseases.
  3. Each chapter urges on the importance of women empowerment. Education and independence help women and girls become more mature and resilient towards the rough times. Therefore, every girl should fight to acquire education and grow into an independent and determined lady.
  4. The novel teaches us the significance of social work. Charity- giving to the underprivileged to thank for your privileges- is crucial for humanity. Be it contributions towards educating the poor or creating awareness of life-threatening diseases. Every effort counts for the greater good of society.
  5. The book highlights the fact that you can be bold and step up for your aims. Being a bit “audacious,” stepping out of our comfort zones, and fighting for your goals can make even the impossible happen! That’s the only way to get what your heart desires.
  6. The overall theme defines a woman’s role in another woman or girl’s life. Females should always be each other’s confidants and best supporters. Actual women’s strength comes from selfless women becoming the backbone of another female and supporting them to reach their milestones.

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Published On: April 5, 2023