Smart Games Launches Decentralized Gambling App with Low House Edge

The blockchain technology lowers the house edge and increases overall benefits to players

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 1st Feb 2022, ZEXPRWIRESmart Games has announced the launch of their decentralized app for online gaming. The app is 100% powered by blockchain and smart contracts to increase transparency, privacy and trustworthiness. The blockchain technology that the app runs on has the added benefit of lowering the house edge, thus increasing the overall benefits to the players.

Most of the online gaming dApps that have built a large userbase are still based on blackbox online gaming. With these dApps, users must deposit either fiat or crypto to play a game that is licensed by a game provider. While this model seems new, it is merely a traditional online casino that accepts crypto. Smart Games is changing this with a platform that adopts the decentralized ethos of blockchain, is entirely on-chain and guarantees transparency.

“A traditional casino that runs their games on a blackbox could change the house advantage at any time, which is not ideal for players who are risk-averse,” says Smart Games founder Matthias Tan. “We’ve designed our games entirely on the blockchain, making the whole process immutable and provably fair. In this way, we’re addressing many of the concerns that players normally have about online casinos.”

The Smart Games app guarantees the privacy of each player with web3 wallets where there is no custody of funds through a deposit system. Since the games are built on a blockchain and supported by smart contracts, the app provides trust and ensures instant payouts for players.

The team behind Smart Games is determined to solve the problems faced by online gaming dApps users who are hesitant to try the decentralized and trustless based system. With their decentralized platform, Smart Games is offering online gamblers a chance to make profits from games that are based entirely on smart contracts and have a low house edge.

About Smart Games

Smart Games is a fully decentralized app that is designed for online gaming and is driven by blockchain and smart contracts to increase transparency, privacy and trustworthiness. By lowering the house edge and ensuring user privacy with a web3 non-deposit and non-custodial wallet, these blockchain games offer users the chance to earn money from fair games.

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Contact Person: Matthias Tan
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Published On: February 1, 2022