The Detail Guys MD Mentions The Do’s And Don’ts Of Mulch

Edgewood, MD, 3rd July 2022, ZEXPRWIRE, Mulch is an important part of any landscaping project – it can help to control weeds, conserve moisture, and add aesthetic appeal to your yard. However, there are a few things a person needs to keep in mind when using mulch. Mulch when applied the wrong way can actually do more harm than good to the landscaping. Therefore, it is advisable that a person understand the do’s and don’ts of mulch before using it in their yard, and The Details Guys MD has mentioned what to do and not to do when applying mulch to a landscape.

One of the most important things to remember when using mulch is to never use more than three inches of it. Applying a thick layer of mulch will suffocate the plants and cause them to die. In addition, using too much mulch can also attract termites and other pests to the yard. It is also important to make sure that a person applies mulch around the base of the plant, rather than on the leaves or stems. This will help to prevent rot and disease.

“We always advise our clients to apply mulch to their landscape gardens, not only because of its aesthetic appeal but also because of its ability to regulate soil temperature and prevent weed growth,” says Joe Bon, owner of The Detail Guys MD. “Mulch is an important part of any landscape maintenance program. For more tips on mulch and other landscape gardening topics, be sure to check out our blog where we post new articles every week!”

The Detail Guys MD goes further to list the do’s and don’ts of mulch. Here are a few tips from The Detail Guys MD on how to apply mulch the right way:

  • When you get close to any edges, spread out the mulch. Mulch piled up next to a path, tree trunk, or house wall will only cause more harm than good.
  • Mulch may clump up if the winter was particularly wet. ‘Fluff’ the mulch by stirring it with a rake or your hands to eliminate lumps and enhance its appearance.
  • Do not use any type of plastic under your mulch. This can cause the ground to overheat and damage roots.
  • Do make sure you replenish your mulch every year or so as it will break down over time.
  • Before reapplying new mulch to your garden, make sure to remove any accumulated old remains. The health of the soil will be preserved as a result.


  • Don’t use inorganic mulches such as plastic, rocks, or rubber. These will not improve the quality of your soil and can actually harm your plants.
  • Don’t use inorganic mulches such as plastic, rocks, or rubber. These will not improve the quality of your soil and can actually harm your plants.
  • Don’t apply mulch too thickly – more than four inches deep – as this can suffocate your plants. The ideal thickness to use in garden beds for weed prevention and moisture retention is between 2 and 4 inches. Any more and you risk suffocating the roots.

When landscape owners follow these do’s and avoid the don’ts as mentioned by The Detail Guys MD, they will have a healthy and beautiful mulched landscape. The Detail Guys MD is always available to handle any landscape mulching projects, and clients are advised to reach out to them for professional guidance.


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Published On: July 3, 2022