Young artists on Instagram show their talents and give an inside check out at the motivation and interaction behind their most recent representations, taking us along for a fun

California, US, 2nd July 2022, ZEXPRWIRE, One of the biggest joys about being a fan of public figures is to see every footprint those public figures made in their career. People will be proud of what public figures have achieved and moved by how much effort those have put into their job. Especially when people knew those public figures from the very beginning. People watch them grow up from nobody to somebody. Fans usually have strong confidence in those talents that  would make huge success someday. And it is really a joyful experience to see the vision come true.

It is lucky to follow someone talented and working hard to make a difference in the world. In some way, public figures’ works encourage people to try harder and bring inspiration to normal life.

Public figures like musicians and actors are more easily loved by the public. While artists will be more difficult to be understood and notice. There are some artists like emerging starts worth to follow.

1. Collage Artist and Photographer Anton Reva’s work strives to create new methods and conclusions of visual interpretations. Reva’s constant experimentation with new processing of capturing and editing photos both with analog and digital photography results in an intermediary between old and new. By introducing new technologies to older forms of photography and print rather than abandoning archaic techniques, Anton Reva allows for a more cohesive synthesis between the past and the future of art and photography.

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2. Although Chloe is only 16 years old, Chloe has shown her talent and strong personality in illustration art. Audience will be easily drawn by the expression in her characters’ eyes. Might be inspired by her love for owls, the determined and solitary looks in her illustration characters leave a strong impression on people. Chloe blends extraordinary maturity and the unique mindset of adolescence in her visual arts.

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3. Highly saturated colors and exaggerated head-to-body ratios are the first impressions that people might have of Wang’s work. Wang’s character looks “bulky” but is dedicated to details. Inkee allows people to see normal people’s daily life from a different perspective of view through her dramatic illustration.

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4. Patryk is talented in architecture shooting. The work of Patryk is extremely neat but not bland. The way Patryk edits photos is bold and full of imagination showing a surreal sense of space. The strong colors Patryk chooses sometimes make people feel dizzy and lost in the visual world Patryk created.

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Published On: July 2, 2022