Dubai, UAE, 16th Nov 2021, ZEXPRWIRE, Coping with stress as an IB student is not easy. The stress is usually an outcome of a fear of failure and work overload coupled with tight deadlines. This stress can make you feel like you are missing out on valuable time to be spent with family or friends. 

The most important tip for an IB student is to manage your time well. 

Allot time everyday for each subject and make sure you follow as per the allotted time-table. Give more time for the subjects that are challenging to you. 

Being organized can benefit you in a number of ways:

  1. You get to have control over your studies so that when exam season arrives, the stress is at a minimum. If you followed your time table, chances are high that you have covered your portions beforehand and revisions are sufficient. This is a huge relief when exams are near. 
  2. Having a well-organized time-table for study and leisure can help you take time off at regular intervals after a period of intense study. This time can be spent doing what you love or in socialising with friends.

If you are still stressed out, then it may help to just get up from your seat, stretch, take a walk or just go out and talk to someone. 

An important part of alleviating stress is to get enough sleep. Adequate sleep helps you clear the mind and keep it fresh for study as well as to focus and remember all that you learnt while attempting the exam.

It is important to keep your stress levels under check during exams as stress can have a negative effect on health. It may not be too serious and a little bit of stress might be required for some students to give them a push to study harder. However, if it keeps you buried behind books all day and has you frantically scouring notes after notes, then you might need to work on controlling it.

Other ways to reduce stress are to work out, play sports, take a swim or just read a book at a nearby park. Talking to your friends on phone or Zoom could also be a good way to relieve stress. Often, discussing what was done throughout the day and learning how far your peers have reached can help you feel better about your own progress. 

Alternatively, you can take assistance from a support centre close to you that provides IB tutoring and mentoring services in Dubai. Dr Anil Khare is a renowned IB specialist in the Middle East who can help you during the exam season in covering your study portions well in advance so that stress can be avoided. 

“The IB is not easy. Studying in an organised way ensures that all your studies are completed beforehand so that you only have to revise during the exam week. This can greatly help reduce exam stress, especially for those doing the IB curriculum,” words by Dr Anil Khare, spoken from years of experience as an IB expert in Dubai. “Life is not just about numbers, coursework, exams or university admissions. It is important to find time for your family, friends and your own health,” concludes the Mathematician. 

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