TROPTIONS Spendable Crypto is the New Digital Currency

Atlanta, Georgia, 6th Feb 2022, ZEXPRWIRE, Digital Currency crypto While we are awash with the thousands of cryptocurrency coins and tokens, NFTs, mining and staking options, lending, or borrowing on your crypto wallet holding; is there a second to get an understanding if there is any floor below the hype? It doesn’t seem like it, so let’s take some time to explain two basic crypto concepts. That focus is on the EXCHANGE of cryptocurrency and the SPENDABILITY of cryptocurrency.

Early in the creation cycle of cryptocurrency, 2003 Garland Harris “FOUNDER OF TROPTIONS” coined the phrase “Digital Currency” for a very important reason. He felt that any digital currency should be able to exist alongside of fiat currency.

At the beginning of the crypto era, cryptocurrency was not fungible meaning it could not be easily exchanged for cash or for other cryptocurrencies. Gradually, multiple exchanges worked out the mechanics of matching the values of cryptocurrencies in real-time that allowed exchanges to trade one cryptocurrency for another cryptocurrency. We are now solidly in the exchange cycle of cryptocurrencies. That includes the ability to exchange some cryptocurrencies for fiat currency.

There is no doubt that the ability to exchange cryptocurrency is better than holding cryptocurrency that had value but could not be accessed. The rise of exchanges are like the creation of banks and stores after money replaced silver and gold.

The next quantum jump in cryptocurrency fulfills the vision of Garland Harris long after the concept of a true digital currency was conceived. That fulfillment of prophecy was the development of the TROPTIONS mobile app and the associated merchant system that allows TROPTIONS holders to use their crypto trade assets to buy nearly anything that can be sold. When anyone can directly purchase goods and services without first cashing in their cryptocurrency, we have actually achieved the status of a digital currency.

Therefore, while many wonder if they can “Cash Out” of their cryptocurrency, isn’t it smarter to keep your cryptocurrency growing in the account until a purchase is drafted out for your purchases?

For example, if you own a lot of silver, you need to cash out of the silver to get the money to buy what you want. Some apps like GLINT allow people to own silver or gold and to direct spend their assets directly from the GLINT app.

As the TROPTIONS movement now nears the “Hat Trick” for a crypto trade asset that stays in your wallet until it is spent. Your TROPTIONS app allows your TROPTIONS to enjoy constant growth with instant access for routine spending. Compare the TROPTIONS concept to your bank account. Instead of allowing the assets to grow, they lose value month after month due to inflation. Yes, you can use a debit card to make purchases as long as your bank doesn’t over-regulate every aspect of your spending habits.

Most people are once again going to miss out on the next mega-move as cryptocurrency becomes a fully functioning digital currency. Those who hold TROPTIONS prior to the full implementation of the mobile app are likely to get a powerful boost in the value of their holding. TO PURCHASE GO TO: TROPTIONSXCHANGE.COM




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Published On: February 6, 2022