Washington, US, 14th Jan 2022, ZEXPRWIRE, Washington State has been home to many legendary music artists. Jimi Hendrix, Kenny G, Kurt Cobain, Quincy Jones, and the list goes on. Yet when it comes to the genre of hip-hop, the region’s emcees have been relatively silent. That being said, do not mistake a lack of exposure for a lack of talent. Coffee isn’t the only thing percolating in the Seattle area. Behind the scenes, hybrid emcees wear the hat of entrepreneur and businessman as well as lyricist. Due to lack of resources that propel careers in bigger market cities, such as Atlanta, L.A, and Toronto, artists in the Pacific Northwest have been more driven by ingenuity, self-determination, and an underdog mystique than by clicks, awards, and clout. Enter: Vibe Sensai

Authenticity is the hallmark of every great artist. Better to be an honest sinner than a false saint. Understand this, and you can begin to understand Lorenzo Currie, aka Vibe Sensai. Consider your favorite rapper for a moment, and ask yourself this simple question: if they lost it all today, would they keep making music? In  the case of Vibe Sensai, “this ain’t a hobby, it’s a LIFESTYLE”. Many artists enter the music game to be somebody, and others get in the game because it’s who they are. Vibe Sensai is most definitely in the latter category. 

Vibe Sensai’s journey is rooted in humble beginnings. Somewhat of a problem child, he found himself often in trouble and being sent to his room where he and his younger sister would pass the time by writing raps. This developed into a newfound passion for music that would lead to writing more lyrics and eventually crafting full songs. By 2006, at the age of 16, Vibe Sensai began recording and producing his first tracks. Drawing inspiration from the striving and struggles of his personal life, what matters most to Vibe Sensai is that people connect with the raw reality of his music.

In 2020 Vibe Sensai emerged as a veteran emcee on an entirely new level. With influences ranging from Freddie Gibbs and CyHi to Sauce Walka and ASAP Ferg, you can expect his music to carry the same heavy impact of his predecessors. By investing into his own production and merchandise company, he is quickly exhibiting an entrepreneurial mindset necessary for today’s music landscape. Wake your game up. Don’t sleep. By 2021, expect to see an onslaught of new collaborations and visuals as you catch a vibe from the Sensai.



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