Yuliana Grasman (Afra) is the new King of the Hajwala

Dubai, UAE, 6th April 2022, ZEXPRWIRE, After venturing and conquering the drifting tracks in the United Arab Emirates, Yuliana Grasman, better known as Afra, has managed to conquer the world of video games becoming the first woman appointed as King of Hajwala.

Hajwala is a drifting competition that takes place on the streets, which makes it a highly challenging practice. This style of driving is legally prohibited in real life, but in the world of video games, anything goes.

Afra decided to venture into the virtual Hajwala, and after overcoming several challenges she was earning a place among the regular and expert players of this automobile competition.

Afra and her beginnings in the Hajwala

Like any other player, Yuliana began by getting to know the game environment, the elements and functions of the Hajwala, and acquiring all the necessary equipment to properly drive her virtual car.

Step by step, Afra began to master digital tracks and this has led her to share her progress with her followers, in what she considers to be an extremely interesting and motivating game.

For one thing, her experience on real drifting tracks allowed her to master the steering wheel and pedals with some ease. And on the other hand, her adventurous spirit prompted her to devise the well-known and popular Hajwala tricks, executed by the most experienced players.

With her creativity and ingenuity, Afra has come up with a lot of tricks that have impressed not only her fellow players, but also the general audience.

Yuliana is now a famous gamer

With the idea of sharing her experiences and her progress in the video game, Yuliana began posting photos and videos of her on her social networks. These initial posts generated a wave of positive responses and comments, which got the drifting champion emotional.

As a thank you to her fans, Afra decided to make more posts of her performance in the game, including live broadcasts, prompting a flood of responses on social platforms.

The support that Yuliana has received from her fans has been incredible, and they have motivated her to continue with her original tricks as she drifts her virtual vehicle on the streets.

During the live broadcasts of her, the now famous gamer, achieves a high international audience. Afra has fans from the United Arab Emirates, UK, US, Brazil, Germany and Italy. In just four months, her social networks have positioned her as one of the most followed and popular gamers worldwide.

Afra is the new king of Hajwala

Yes, as you read it, Yuliana Grasman has been cataloged by her video game partners as the new King of Hajwala. They use the term “King” to refer to how special she is in the world of this virtual competition.

Afra apart from creating new and incredible tricks while she plays, she has also introduced the video game to thousands of people who follow her on social networks. With her charisma and wit, she has brought her own style to the competition, leaving an indelible mark on the gaming world.

On the other hand, it should also be noted that Yuliana is the only woman who has managed to conquer the freestyle drifting competition in the real world, and in the virtual world through Hajwala.

A whole combination of factors have positioned Afra as one of the most entertaining, followed and admired girl gamers in the world. A champion who is now King, and who will surely continue to conquer other kingdoms.

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Published On: April 6, 2022