OZONE group, a company working on decentralized pltaforms, expands its products and services’ ecosystem to different personal and corporate payment products.

Moscow, Russia, 24th Dec 2021, ZEXPRWIRE, OZONE team (https://o.zone) is rapidly growing in different areas and its products and services based on blockchain technology are expanding.

Blockchain technology and digital currency is making a significant transformation in the financial mechanism, however, due to technical complexities, this technology is less apparent in people’s daily lives. Not only is digital currency considered as a new alternative for paper banknotes nowadays, but it is also known as a financial market for investments. Nevertheless, reports regarding scams and the use of cryptocurrency for the purpose of money laundering and drug smuggling has had a big impact on public opinion on this technological revolution and has prevented it from coming into people’s daily lives.

OZONE group is aiming to use this technology as a tool for quick, safe and cheap financial transactions. This team aims to get rid of the obstacles preventing Blockchain technology and digital currency to enter everyday life. Among the most important services of OZONE group, the following can be mentioned:

OZONE wallet: It is a safe digital currency wallet that allows users to access their funds anytime anywhere. This wallet’s integrated and user-friendly interface makes transactions that are based on cryptocurrency possible without the need to connect to AMM protocols.

OZONE Pay: OZONE Pay is a decentralized system that makes the payments between the customers and service providers easier and safer. Using OZONE Pay, users can use digital currency or FIAT money in restaurants, shopping centers and etc.

OZONE Card: This card enables payment through digital currency in cases that users have no access to their cellphones. OZONE Card will also be used in public transportation systems.

OZONE Exchange: One of the other important products of the OZONE group is exchange platform. OZONE Exchange will be known as one of the most developed and trustworthy Digital Currency exchanges.

OZONE Token ($OZ): It is a NATO token specific to OZONE ecosystem which works as a facilitator in different platforms and helps user adaptation.

Team Expansion:

OZONE Team is also gathering talents in blockchain and programming from different parts of the world for a more comprehensive products development and is recruiting experts like Digital Currency programmer, Network security specialist, PHP programmer and Java programmer.

Enthusiasts, who can meet the requirements and are interested in working with the OZONE group, can upload their resumes and documents at this address https://hrm.o.zone/  to apply.

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