Sastanaqqam presented a Masterstroke event at the VOCO hotel in Dubai

Dubai, UAE, Oct 26, 2022, ZEXPRWIRE, Coming straight from North Africa, the Sastanaqqam team accomplished the feat of a successful event in Dubai.

On Monday, 10/10/2022, the Nomads of Sastanaqqam presented at the VOCO hotel in Dubai, an absolute masterstroke for a first event, having a simple objective: a first contact and a brief presentation about the ecosystem of the company. The return of the public was unprecedented!

What is Sastanaqqam?

Sastanaqqam is a project that launched as a result of NFTs going mainstream.

The project started when Sastanaqqam explored how to switch from a traditional business model — in art and art collecting — to a decentralised one using blockchain technologies.

From this vision was born a range of projects to be developed around this, such as the Wallet, native token (Blue Token), Marketplace, NFT RentalPlace, Virtual Museum, Staking Platform, and P2E Games. In this, other articles, Whitepaper and Pitch Decks, Sastanaqqam explore every aspect of the project in more detail: showing you what you can experience and benefit from on the Sastana Platform.

What’s Sastanaqqam’s Vision & Goals?

Artwork should be accessible to everyone, and artists should have a much wider audience. At  Sastanaqqam, they want to make that vision a reality. Sastanaqqam is more than just a project. It’s an ecosystem. Within that ecosystem are five parts.

Everything in this ecosystem is connected through the Blue Token — their native crypto-token — and crypto-based Wallet. Here are the five parts of the ecosystem, and we will explore each one of

them in more details below:

• NFT Rental Place

• NFT Marketplace

• Virtual Museum

• Staking Platform and Launchpad (Staking-as-a-Service)

• Blockchain-based P2E Games

The goal for every part of the project, every individual business unit, is to grow and manage them the traditional way while leveraging modern technology. Sastnaqqam wants every aspect of the business to be sustainable on its own, with the aim of becoming profitable within 12 months.

In turn, this will make the overall project stronger and Blue Token viable as a stand-alone cryptocurrency. Only then Sastanaqqam will seek external investment after reaching growth milestones. Sastnaqqam is building the business to make it more valuable and useful for customers, users, artists, art promoters, games players, and business clients and partners within its expanding artistic ecosystem.

About Sastanaqqam 

As the project is still in development, final returns are not available.

On the other hand, all Sastanaqqam projects have their own showcase site with their Whitepapers inside as well as a panoply of social networks.

According to the editors, Sastanaqqam has not finished surprising us, let’s look forward to this promising Web 3.0 project !

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Published On: October 26, 2022