The Detail Guys Gives Landscaping Tips for This Upcoming Earth Day

Edgewood, MD, 22nd April 2022, ZEXPRWIRE, The Detail Guys respond to this upcoming Earth Day by giving some tips that might help us take care of our planet better. Earth Day is a widely recognized event; everyone does their part in helping sustain the Earth and make it a better place to live and pass on to our loved ones.

The Earth wouldn’t become the way we want it to be on its own. It is our responsibility to keep it clean, green, and healthy. Even the landscaping company The Detail Guys in Edgewood, Maryland does not just stand back and has something to say about it. They have put together a few tips as their contribution towards this day.

“Having enough plants in your landscaped garden, be it flowers, trees or even shrubs can help a lot in reducing the carbon footprint in the Earth. This is because the plants will absorb the carbon dioxide we produce from our daily activities, and release oxygen to us at the same time.” – Said Joe Bon, owner of The Detail Guys. “If you need to water the plants or grass, do this early in the morning or late at night when evaporation is at a minimum. This gives more water the opportunity to seep into the ground; thereby saving more water in the long run.”

The Detail Guys has always strived to provide quality services; they have been providing a sustainable landscaped gardens and spreads for tons of people over the years. They are always happy to contribute towards improving people’s quality of life. This time, they are giving back to nature by giving out tips on how people can help make a difference this Earth Day.

“Another tip would be using native plants in your landscape. Native plants are adapted to our climate and require less water, fertilizer, and pesticides, which contribute heavily to deteriorating the health of our environment (fertilizers and pesticides can contaminate water supply),” – said the Joe Bon, owner of The Detail Guys. “Create a compost bin. Compost bins will help reduce the amount of waste that goes into landfills and provide nutrients for your plants. Also, mulching is a very good way to retain moisture in the soil, reduce traffic-related erosion that can damage plant roots, and at the same time prevent the growth of weeds. You don’t really need to get a landscaping company to do most of these tips for you, take it as a contribution you are making towards the health of your environment.”

The Detail Guys had taken their time giving these valuable tips in response to the upcoming Earth Day. These tips are believed to be one of the many ways we can do our part in sustaining and revitalizing the environment. If you are looking forward to having a sustainable landscaped garden or your outdoor space as a whole, give The Detail Guys a call today and make that dream a reality.

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Published On: April 22, 2022